The secret of Lady Whistledown’s identity is out, and so is Part 2 of Season 3 of Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton, which dazzled at #1 on the English TV List with 28M views. It was another triple crown week for the beloved series, with Season 1 claiming #6 (2.7M views) and Season 2 taking #9 (2.3M views). Fans continued Hot Bridgerton Summer off-screen, with the screen adaptation taking over the British economy, the products we buy, the music we listen to, and even the names of the next generation of debutants.

The action thriller Under Paris (France), otherwise known to fans as Shark de Triumph, not only kept its jaws locked on the #1 spot on the Non-English Films List this week (28.7M views), it also entered the Most Popular Non-English List at #5.

Hit Man (only available in select countries),  the critically acclaimed and audience-approved indie comedy from Richard Linklater, which he co-wrote with star Gary aka Glen Powell, held onto the top spot on the English Film List this week clocking 13.7M views in the select countries it was released. Whether they’re asking to turn on subtitles or share a ‘love note,’ fans have found a new appreciation for their Notes App, inspired by this pivotal scene. Documentaries took two spots on the list this week: Mysteries of the Terracotta Warriors debuted in fourth place (5.2M views), and How to Rob a Bank (4.2M views) stole the ninth spot. The fan favorite animated film Ultraman: Rising debuted in eighth place with 4.4M views, while the Jennifer Lopez action sci-fi thriller Atlas landed in tenth place with 4M views.

On the English TV List this week, the third and final season of the fantasy adventure series Sweet Tooth moved up the list ranking in second place (6M views) and Season 2 of the reality dating competition series Perfect Match made some (potentially questionable) moves to take third place (5.1M views). The offbeat and emotional drama Eric claimed the fourth spot (4.9M views); if you need more Benedict Cumberbatch after watching, we have your supply. The quirky, feel-good series Geek Girl came in fifth place (3.8M views). Docuseries took two spots on the list this week including Hitler and the Nazis: Evil On Trial in seventh (2.7M views) and Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult in eighth (2.4M views).

Over on the Non-English Films List, the suspenseful drama Colors of Evil: Red (Poland) came in at #3 (4.7M views), irreverent comedy The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance (Italy) held strong at #5 (3.3M views), and anime Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura (Japan) claimed the #6 spot (3.2M views).

Korean dramas dominated the Non-English TV List this week. Romantic drama Hierarchy held onto the top spot (6.3M views), time-travel limited series The Atypical Family claimed third place (1.7M views), dark comedy The 8 Show took sixth place (.9M views) and comedy Queen of Tears landed in eighth place (.7M views). Making their list debuts this week were the second season of the cycling docuseries Tour de France: Unchained (France) in fifth place (1.1M views) and Joko Anwar’s Nightmare and Daydreams (Indonesia) in seventh place (0.8M views).

Some titles may not be available in all regions.

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