Netflix has something for everyone this month, with four new games now available. Get cozy in Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, the first title from Spry Fox since joining Netflix in 2022. Look for love as  a contestant in your favorite reality show in Netflix Stories: Perfect Match. Become an 18th-century detective in the cult favorite The Case of the Golden Idol.  And enjoy a classic game of Hearts. Like all Netflix Games, these are included with all Netflix memberships without ads or in-app purchases.

If that’s not enough, Outerloop Games and Annapurna Interactive’s Thirsty Suitors is coming soon to Netflix Games. You’ll be able to experience this surreal, story-driven game which throws turn-based RPG battles, skating and over-the-top cooking mechanics together in a spicy fusion. This isn’t a dating sim — it’s a breakup simulator. Battle your exes. Disappoint your parents. Find yourself.

For members who can’t get enough of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, which was considered one of the best games of 2023 and received a Special Jury Mention from Tribeca, Night School recently released the game’s iconic, eerie soundtrack from critically-acclaimed composer scntfc on vinyl.

Lastly, if you’re one of the many who have been enjoying the award-winning Terra Nil, its biggest update yet is now live. Vita Nova (Latin for ‘new life’) adds a new world map, five new levels, nine new buildings, and a radical overhaul of the wildlife system. All players of Terra Nil will receive this update for free.

The Case of the Golden Idol (Available Now)

Mayhem, magic and murder most foul! Examine clues and use your powers of deduction to solve a series of grisly murders and the twisted mystery of a family’s cursed heirloom in this point-and-click detective adventure game.

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit (Available Now)

Attention, Spirit Scouts! Something spooky is afoot: A bus crash has left you stranded alone on a mysterious (yet delightfully cute) island. Explore the unique terrain, meet and befriend cute, ghostly spirit bears who need your help to remember their pasts and find peace. Customize a bustling, beautiful campsite — crafting, decorating, and building furniture to bring life and color back to this cute island — and hopefully reunite with your lost scout troop as you gradually repair your bus.

Hearts (Available Now)

Play your hand carefully in this quintessential card game to avoid taking any tricks that include hearts — or collect them all to shoot the moon! Whether you’re a Hearts card shark or totally new to this classic game, MobilityWare’s simple, streamlined version offers smart features to sharpen your strategy and play at the level of challenge that’s perfect for you.

Netflix Stories: Perfect Match (Available Now)

Enter the villa as a successful relationship podcaster looking for love on the show, but when someone from your past shows up on night one, you have to decide to pursue something new or explore what might’ve been. The game, like the show, is hosted by Nick Lachey. Perfect Match joins Love is Blind and Virgin River in Netflix Stories, an ever-growing catalog of interactive fiction games based on hit Netflix series and films.

Thirsty Suitors (Coming Soon)

Battle exes, face your family and skateboard through the hometown you tried to leave behind in this cheeky role-playing game about finding yourself. You’re Jala, a romantic trash fire in human form. And after a messy breakup, you’re back in your hometown of Timber Hills — a place full of gossiping aunties, parental expectations and the consequences of your past mistakes. Can you find closure, mend fences and figure out who you really want to be?

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